An Essential Underwear Guide For Women

Every wonder what styles you need in your top drawer? Whether you love the freedom of a thong or the full coverage of a brief, here’s a list of different women’s underwear styles you need in your top drawer. Understanding these variations is key- whether you're looking for daily comfort, a seamless look under a tight dress, or a special occasion piece. Now who is ready to upgrade? 



Don’t want your undies to show? You probably already know you should grab a thong. With zero coverage on your behind and minimal coverage on your hips, a thong provides a seamless look. No one loves visible panty lines am I right?


A classic choice for many women, briefs offer full coverage both in the front and back. They sit at the natural waistline, making them comfortable for everyday wear


These are modern and versatile, sitting right on the hips, hence the name 'hipsters'. They offer moderate coverage and are perfect for everyday wear, especially under low-rise jeans or skirts- nothing that is too tight. Their design ensures they stay in place, providing comfort throughout the day.


Great for everyday use, bikinis sit below the waist and offer moderate back coverage. They strike a perfect balance between style and comfort, making them a staple in many women's wardrobes. We know we love them! A great choice for most body types.


Similar to a thong, a G-string has even less fabric, featuring a narrow string at the back for minimal coverage. It's designed to minimize visible lines under tight clothing and definitely ups the sex appeal factor!


Inspired by men's boxers, boyshorts offer full coverage and a sporty look. They are perfect for those wanting comfort without compromising on style. Their design ensures they stay in place, making them a favorite for those more active days.

Which style is your favorite? Or do you love them all? Find the perfect subscription that upgrade your underwear drawer with fun, new styles that will elevate your everyday. Self-care starts now!

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