All About The Thong

Whatever events your day holds, one of the consistent routines you likely engage in daily is changing your underwear – unless you're embracing the commando vibe, of course!

So let's infuse some excitement into your underwear selection! While your choice of underwear is usually influenced by your attire or the day's plans, integrating some charming and feel-good pairs of panties can effortlessly infuse additional happiness into your day. And who doesn't need a little self-care? 

With that in mind, let's talk panties. This blog post is alllll about the Thong:

A thong possesses an enchanting allure – yes, we said it. But what gives this particular underwear style with its distinctive charm? Could it be the way the fabric delicately embraces your form? The almost weightless sensation when you slip into them? Or perhaps the surge of confidence that accompanies that feeling when you put them on? We like to believe it's a harmonious fusion of all these aspects. 
The journey of the thong from its origins as a simple undergarment to its current status as a sensual, risque piece of attire has been quite transformative. It now stands as a garment that holds the power to make or break an ensemble, alluringly and provocatively. So, what truly contributes to the magic of this style? Simple: fit, fabric, and style. The fit is paramount – the thong should caress your contours in precisely the right places, striking a balance between snugness and comfort. The choice of fabric holds significance – certain materials bestow a sumptuous feel against your skin, while others offer heightened breathability. And lastly, style bears weight – they should exude confidence and allure, thus opt for designs that complement your physique and evoke a sense of sex appeal!
1. DId you know wearing thongs can bring you luck? Well, considering commando used to be the norm.
2. Frederick’s of Hollywood begin selling thongs in the 1980s, and they were sold next to items like “edible underwear” and “crotchless panties.” They themselves were called “scanty panties.” 
3.  The reason behind thongs making their racy debut in New York City was a law passed at the time by the mayor of New York. The law decreed that the nude dancers and showgirls of the city had to cover up their “intimates” during their shows. To get around this ruling, the dancers began to sport g-string thongs to “cover up” without covering up at all. 
4. Thongs soon became a popular trend in bathing suits and underwear styles and began to be more and more common amongst the average consumer, not just New York showgirls! 

Whether you wear thongs or not, it’s fascinating to learn about where things that are prominent or used daily today originally came from.

We’ve all got a history… and our underwear does too!

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